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Netflix ID Dataset


A few years ago I wanted to make an application that gave the user the ability to generate a random episode of any given US Netflix show. The main technical issue with this project was that Netflix does not have a public API and so matching each show or movie with the corresponding ID number found for in every episode or movie link was seemingly impossible. I however was able to find an API endpoint that allowed me to brute-force these ID #'s by simply sending thousands of requests. I have compiled this data into individual files.

There are two datasets available. One older dataset that was compiled back in 2017, and is probably out of date consists of the following:

The second dataset was compiled in September 2019 and consists of the following:

Download the datasets here.


In the interest in keeping too many people from accessing the Netflix API endpoint I used to gather these files, please email me at if you would like to know the methodology I used.